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20 Reasons to Invest in Brazil – Part 3

September 30 2014

Providing our readers with Part 3 of our 5 part Blog on ’20 reasons to invest in Brazil’… 

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9) Abundance of Natural Resources – Brazil covers an area of over 8.5 square kilometres and is abundant with natural resources and reserves including oil, minerals and agricultural products. It is also one of the largest producers and exporters of coffee, iron ore, nickel, aluminium, meat, poultry, sugar cane, soy-beans and ethanol. Countries from around the world continue to increase their trading with Brazil making it a major powerhouse now and in years to come.

10) Ever Growing Economy – As one of the five largest developing economies in the world known as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Brazil is set to be the world’s 5th biggest economy by 2025.

With interest and inflation rates now under control, Brazil is on the world’s radar with massive amounts of international investment. Although Brazil s interest rates are high, mortgage lending is still extremely low compared to that of the UK and USA. Total mortgage values in Brazil equate to only 4% of the Gross Domestic Product. The days of economic instability are long gone and Brazil is now a safe country to invest in offering potentially high returns in a huge growth market with almost 200 million consumers that will soon be the 5th largest economy worldwide according to Goldman Sachs. Because of its strong domestic economy, huge oil reserves and growing GDP and prosperity levels, Brazil is one of very few countries left in the world for safe and profitable investments that are less affected by the international credit crisis providing a positive reason to Invest in Brazil.

11) Increasing Technology use – Within the last 10 years Brazil has achieved a significant position in the international arena for science and technology and is leading the way in Latin America.

The internet was only introduced into Brazil in 1988, since then to 2011 Brazil is now ranked fifth in the world with nearly 89 million Internet users, 45% of the population and is on the increase. Included in this development is oil exploration, aircraft building, in depth water and software development and medical hospital services supply. Internationally Brazil is seen as a leader in producing ethanol and bio diesel fuel.

12) Strong Infrastructure – Having a strong and growing infrastructure is vital for any country to develop. Brazil is no exception to this and now forms a main part of the BRICS economy. Brazil now has 100% digital telephone lines, 46 sea ports handling over 600 million tons of goods per year, airports handling over 110 million people with 734 airports having paved runway, 29,303 km of railways including a high speed line under development between Rio De Janerio and Sao Paulo, 9 major cities with metro systems, 1,751,868 km of roads.

Despite this, Brazil still has a low rate of car ownership of 140 per 1000 population. However, this is likely to increase due to worldwide car manufactures such as Fiat aspiring to Invest in Brazil and opening outlets throughout.

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