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Invest in Brazil

20 Reasons to Invest in Brazil – Part 4

October 24 2014

Providing our readers with Part 4 of our 5 part Blog on ’20 reasons to invest in Brazil’… 

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13) Mortgage Availability – Brazilians now have access to controlled mortgage finance. With decreasing interest rates and more Brazilians having a higher net spendable income, mortgage lending is booming. This is having an effect on property availability and consequently an increase in the value of Brazilian Real Estate across the nation. The Brazilian government expects the Brazilian mortgage market to grow 600% by end of 2014, with total mortgage values reaching 12% of the Gross National Product.

14) Entry into Brazil becoming Easier –  A new law recently published has introduced an electronic visa processing system for certain foreign nationals in certain visa categories. Foreigners travelling to Brazil on business, tourism or artists/athletes visas can now process their entry permits through an electronic application system which avoids having to visit a Brazilian consular post abroad. Although this law is immediate, forthcoming regulations will clarify eligibility criteria and procedures regarding applications. The faster electronic processing will benefit the entertainment industry and companies that frequently need to send their employees to Brazil on business trips as well as tourist visitors from certain countries and those wishing to invest n Brazil.

15) Wealth Creation – Brazil now boasts the most multi-millionaires in Latin America and is ranked tenth in the world, according to a study reported by local media. With a strong economy and Brazil encouraging international investment, Brazil now has now over 1 million multi-millionaires as well as a growing number of entrepreneurs.  The middle class sector is also seeing a large increase in business activity due to them have access to finance meaning that this trend is set to increase. With this wealth creation comes more new businesses, jobs and further reasons to invest in Brazil.

16) Becoming Greener – A while ago Brazil was seen as the bad boy when it came to green issues especially deforestation. Apart from leading the way in bio fuels, bio fuel technology and being in the top 10 for best country for wind power development, Brazil has cut the rate of deforestation in the Amazon by nearly 80 percent from a high of 27,800 square kilometres in 2004 to 5,800 square kilometres in 2013. Although some still see this as too high, Brazil is now seen internationally as the country that has made the world’s largest contribution to mitigating climate change. Brazil has achieved this by not only introducing law enforcement actions but by protecting more land mass areas some the size of Greenland. Investors large and small see green issues as a matter of importance as this has an influence on inward investment. Brazil’s political will and experience will hopefully pave the way for other countries to become more successful in their efforts to improve climate change.

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