Invest in Brazil’s Code of Conduct outlines our company’s ethical and compliance standards for conducting business and serves as a guide for employees as the foundation for the behaviours expected.

We obey the law.  As an English organisation privileged to do business in Brazil, we have the responsibility to comply with all of the laws that apply to our businesses.

We conduct our business with integrity.We take pride in conducting our business with integrity. We brand and market our products accurately, fairly and ethically. We do not offer unreasonable returns or empty promises, nor accept bribes or inappropriate gifts and we comply with the laws and regulations that support fair competition and integrity in the marketplace.

We keep accurate and honest records.  Our business information, in whatever form, must reflect the true nature of our transactions.

We honour our business obligations. Our business relationships are grounded in mutual trust. We build and maintain the trust and confidence of our customers and other business partners by communicating honestly, respecting information entrusted to us and standing behind our commitments.

We treat people with dignity and respect. We achieve our goals through our people. We provide a safe workplace and value the unique contributions of our team, enabling those who work for us achieve their own individual potential.

We protect Invest in Brazil’s information, assets and interests. We count on one another to act as stewards of the organization. We protect the information and assets entrusted to us and avoid situations that may let personal interests influence our business judgement.

We are committed to being a responsible global citizen.  With our international reach comes the responsibility to understand and manage our impact. We maintain strict environmental standards and share our knowledge and experience to help meet economic and social challenges.


Brazil IEA

Brazil Joins IEA as an Association Country

The International Energy Agency and Brazil have jointly announced that the country has joined the IEA as an Association country. The announcement was made in Brasilia by Fernando Coelho Filho, Minister of Mines and Energy; Aloysio Nunes Ferreira, Foreign...

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