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Housing prices increase 450%! NE Brazil

The arrival of Shopping Mangabeira saw housing prices increase 4.5 times more expensive in this neighborhood. Homes that sold for an average of R$80,000, are now being found for R$ 450,000. The manager of Caxia, Isabel Oliveira, reported that only with the arrival of the agency to the neighborhood, housing prices had already doubled. “A house that stood in front of this agency was sold for R$ 1 million,” he said.

The accompanying engineer Edileuza Silva Ribeiro de Brito, told the neighboring residence that his house in the neighborhood Mangabeira was sold two weeks ago for R$ 450,000. “It is a very good home. It’s all paved and has three bedrooms. But, as is in Mangabeira, prices never reached R$ 100 thousand. But today, there is no other house in Mangabeira for less than R$ 250,000. Prices have risen a lot, “he said.

And not only were the sale prices of the properties that rose. The rental prices have also been high, but with less momentum. The student Jessica dos Santos said that on the rental point, a salon her mother runs has already increased R$ 350 in two months. “A year and five months we had been always paying less than R$ 200 per point. The price rose too fast. And this is happening at all here in Mangabeira. Everything is getting more expensive, “she said.

The diarist Edileuza dos Santos also commented that “the neighborhood is attracting a lot of investments and now works almost independently of the rest of the city”. She noted that there are now units of all banks, branches of large and small supermarket chains, clothing stores and food sector and professionals from various sectors of service. “Mangabeira is almost a city and now with this mall is that it will become independent”.

The work of building the mall Mangabeira, is already the second stage and continues at pace. The new mall will have 340 shops and investment of over U.S. $ 200 million. The prediction is that, in the first year of operation, the new venture turnover of R $ 300 million. Have a building area of 81 thousand square meters and will include five-screen cinema, 210 stores and 13 satellites anchors (super stores) such as Lojas

Riachuelo, Marisa, Centauro and Renner.

The mall also provides an expansion in the second stage, after five years of the mall built with over 60 stores being included to the original design. Besides the five cinemas, the project also includes a playground, six bowling lanes, 10 escalators and four elevators.



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Fiat now in NE Brazil

The Fiat-Chrysler car company, leader of the Brazilian auto market for the past 9 years is to build a new car plant complex in Pernambuco north east Brazil and will attract over 4,500 direct new jobs once completed together with 12,000 indirect jobs. The plant represents a strategic investment for the northeast as it forms part of a comprehensive program of industrialisation and economic and social development for the Region.

The new plant will be installed in an area of 4.4 million square metres in the town of Goiás situated 62 km from Recife, 52 km from Joao Pessoa and only 30km from Tambaba Country Club in the area known as Zona da Mata Norte. It is a strategic point for industrial production as it is located close to two international airports and three ports.

The R$3 billion plant will be composed of an engine factory, training centre, research and development centre, test track, proving ground and Supplier Park. The concentration of all these process means Fiat will increase its capacity by 250,000 units per year and will enable increased efficiency on the assembly line. The project will also impact on the capital goods industry given the high volume of national machinery and equipment, which will represent an investment of approximately R$ 2.8 billion.

With construction well under way, it is anticipated that it will take 2 years with completion planned for 2014.

The investment in capacity expansion also comes amid a new automotive regime approved by the government forces companies to invest more in production and development in Brazil and the intense competition among brands of traditional and new markets

Tambaba has also developed a close relationship with the managers of the new factory whereby they have expressed a need for housing for the senior management coming in from Italy, US and Brazil itself. There are expected to be approximately 400 senior management posts representing about 10% of the workforce all of which will be potential clients for luxury housing within a 24 hour secure condominium resort. With Tambaba being the closest luxury resort as well as being associated with the only bi lingual estate agent in the area, these languages will bring further sales and rentals outside the core Brazilian market.


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Brazil Enters Hotel building Boom

Brazil is entering a hotel building boom, driven by demand for beds not only during the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympics Games in 2016 but also from domestic travellers, reveals new research presented at the WTM Vision Conference – São Paulo. Euromonitor International expects 45 new hotels to open this year, followed by a further 85 in 2014. This will add 8,000 and 14,000 rooms respectively. With two major sporting events taking place, Brazil will be in the global spotlight. Euromonitor International believes that Brazil is ideally placed to capture demand for “authenticity and experiential travel” and that there will be a positive tourism legacy for the country. The Brazilian outbound travel market is also poised for growth with wealthier and more sophisticated consumers driving demand for quality products, By 2017, nearly 40% of Brazilian households will have an annual income of more than $25,000 (£16,833, R$50,500 Brazilian Real). It was also suggested that tourism businesses take note of the rising numbers of elderly and middle-aged consumers.


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North East Brazil a Major Tourist Target

The North East region of Brazil will be the target of at least 55.2% of Brazilians who plan to travel later this year for their summer break. The region is home to some of the leading destinations for sun and sand and religious tourism in the country and also stands out for tourism and business events. With all these attractions, the region was covered in the CAP Tourism with investments of R$ 7.8 million for the deployment of tourist signs in 13 historical cities in eight states.

According to Brazil Tourism Minister Gaston Vieira, the crafted tourist signs ensure comfort, safety and allow adequate visitor mobility.

“The tourist signs are essential to tourism. It highlights and reinforces the identity of the sites, extending gains to the destination to be visited,” says the minister. The CAP is one of the historical cities intergovernmental programs coordinated by the Ministry of Culture.


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Brazil property investors need to ‘act fast’

Property investors should act fast to take advantage of the Brazilian property market before other South American buyers, says a leading agent.

Investors from other South American countries are buying up property developments before they are promoted in Europe and elsewhere, says a new Spotlight report from Savills. At the same time as the market grows, Brazilians and other South Americans will increasingly look to invest in overseas markets themselves.

Yolande Barnes, Director of Savills Research, says, “Brazilians, alongside other South American nationals, are poised to become more significant players in international real estate markets. As the domestic market grows and as investors have prospered at home, so they will become more inclined to look and invest overseas. With next year’s football World Cup and the 2016 Olympics both being hosted in Brazil, it is appropriate to focus on the country’s housing market, she says. “As Brazil’s wealthier classes have grown in number and are increasingly looking for avenues for investment, real estate becomes an increasingly attractive store of wealth and investment medium”



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