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Hospitality & Leisure

Brazil’s tourism industry is undergoing immense growth with one of the fastest growing RevPAR (Revenue per available room) rates and average occupancy levels in hotel accommodation. Within the area of Joao Pessoa on Brazil’s north east coast, major leisure and tourism projects such as – Airport expansion, the new International Convention Centre, The Oscar Niemeyer Arts Centre and the new Coqueirinho Tourism Centre is lifting tourism by up to 78% a year [CEA Associates].

Within our developments we have commercial areas available for leisure and hospitality projects which include: – “Option A” – 250 Key 5 star resort hotel and spa, 250 Key 5 star condo hotel, 9 hole golf course attached to resort hotel, 250 residential golf villa lots, Luxury apartments or a professional sports academy. “Option B” – 250 Key 5 star resort hotel and spa, 250 Key 5 star condo hotel, 18 hole golf course attached to resort hotel, 300 residential golf villa lots.                                                      

Both options come with planning permissions as well as surrounding infrastructure already being delivered.  In addition, tourists staying within the commercial sector will  have access to all of the 60 facilities enjoyed by the residents of Tambaba including its boutique shopping area. With access to a direct sales route into the local market as well as internationally, we are also in a position to support your construction project and sales.

Credit Line open for Individuals Solar Projects

The Brazilian Northeast Bank, Banco do Nordeste (BNB), announced that individuals can now access its FNE Sol credit line for residential solar energy projects. FNE Sol finances all components for centralised, micro and minigeration systems using solar photovoltaic (PV),...

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