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Joao Pessoa Schedule of Works

João Pessoa Schedule of Works worth R$130 million

July 29 2015

The governor of the state of Paraiba, Ricardo Coutinho, presented the opening schedule of works this week to celebrate 430 years since the founding of the City of João Pessoa.

The state will deliver R$130 million worth of investments in health, education, culture, tourism and urban mobility throughout August including the delivery of Trevo das Mangabeiras – the Urban Mobility scheme set to benefit 250,000 people towards the south of the city.

Schedule of Works

August 5 – Theatre “The Stone of the Kingdom”

August 5th will see the delivery of “A Pedra do Reino” Theatre (The Stone of The Kingdom) which has a capacity of 3000 spectators and seats for people with reduced mobility. The state has invested R$60 million into the theatre’s resources which is a tribute to novelist and playwright Ariano Suassuno. The delivery will be marked by the concert of the Symphonic Orchestra of Paraiba.

August 14 – Trauma Hospital Expansion

The expansion of the Senator Humberto Lucena Trauma Hospital will be delivered on the 14th of August. The hospital will have 1,466 square meters of expanded area with a total investment of R$2million

August 17 – Joao Pessoa Technical School

On 17 August, the city gains the Joao Pessoa Technical School located in the Mangabeira District. The teaching unit will have 12 classrooms; library; multimedia room; cafeteria; canteen; industrial kitchen; room for student government; maintenance shop; amphitheatre; multi-sport gymnasium and experience centre. Invested resources have amounted to R$17 million and has a mission to professionalise thousands of young students.

August 20 – Office of Ciretran / Valentina Figueiredo

On August 20, the State Government delivers the Ciretran site in the Valentina Figueiredo neighbourhood. The work, which had investments of R$3 million, will benefit 100,000 residents of Colinas Do Sul neighbourhoods.

August 21 – Police Central

The new central Police Headquarters opens on the 21st August offering the city access to a modern, easily-accessible, specialist department all in one building. With an investment of R$19 million, the new Police Centre will provide greater optimisation in service delivery and efficiency and consistency between police units.

August 24 – State School “Mestre Sivuca”

The renovation and expansion of the State School of Basic Education “Mestre Sivuca” is to be delivered on the 24 August. The educational unit received investments of R$ 700,000 from the Government of Paraíba and has four laboratories, recording studio, auditorium, library, computer lab and ten classrooms.

August 31 – “Trevo das Mangabeiras”

And to close the 430 year anniversary of Joao Pessoa, the capital will earn one of the greatest works of Urban Mobility – The Trevo das Mangabeiras. With an investment of R$ 26.5 million, the project is set to benefit 250,000 people. “In little more than five years, we have invested R$1.5 billion in management resources in order to address the most diverse areas – the largest investment of a state government in Joao Pessoa history, “said Secretary Tôrres Louis,

Source Paraiba.pb.gov.br

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