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Pueblo Do Mar Conde, Paraiba, Brazil

  • Completing: June 2016
  • Prices from: R$ 32,900 BRL
  • Product Type: Land / Property developer opportunities
  • Stage: Full planning, Licences, under construction

Focusing on the significant demand for housing in Brazil, the same multi-award winning developers responsible for the highly acclaimed Tambaba Country Club Resort project are proud to present their latest development - Pueblo Do Mar.


Presenting an early entry opportunity and supporting you through the full lifecycle from entry through to exit, Pueblo Do Mar is a fully licensed housing project under construction. Designed to satisfy the housing needs for the new middle income class Brazilian, Pueblo Do Mar is set in the coastal hills of Conde just outside the Brazilian state capital city of João Pessoa.


At just over 12 hectares,land plots are 200m2 which is typical for a residential development of this type. Designed to take advantage of the huge growth within the area, Pueblo Do Mar is only 30km from Fiat who are locating to the area and are building their largest vehicle manufacturing plant. When you include the building of the new Managabeira Shopping Complex and other new industries including the 25,000 seat International Convention Centre only a few kilometres away, Pueblo Do Mar is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of this demand.


The developers are associated with Maxima Imoveis who are real estate agents based in Joao Pessoa. They are accredited as mortgage finance partners with some of the major leading Brazilian national and international banks and will support your exit into the local market when you are ready to resell.


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