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Paraiba road

Paraíba Has Fourth Best Road Network in Brazil

Brazil’s state of Paraíba has the fourth best road network in Brazil, according to a survey released this month by the National Transport Confederation (CNT).

The survey which evaluated the roads from aspects such as quality of the pavement and signalling of roads, issued Paraíba a 56% rate in excellent / good ratings.

According to the research of CNT (CNT Transport Yearbook 2016), Paraiba is the second state in the Northeast with better assessed roads, second only to the state of Alagoas, which achieved a 79% rate and achieving higher rates than the states of Pernambuco (47%) and Bahia (45%). In the rest of the country Paraíba only lost to São Paulo (84%) and Rio de Janeiro (62%).

The report signed by journalist Rita Azevedo points out that only 43% of Brazilian highways are in good condition. The data also reveals that of the 100,763 kilometres of highways across the country, 43,104 were classified as good or excellent and 35,105 as regular. The remaining 22,554 kilometres, according to the study, are in the worst situation.

Since 2011, the Paraíba Pathways Program has paved or restored about 2,400 km of roads, with an investment of R$ 1.2 billion, placing Paraíba among states with one of the best road networks. Thus, Paraiba is accredited to ensure their economic development and improving the quality of life of its people.

States with better assessed roads, according to the CNT Yearbook 2016 Transport – National Confederation of Transport:

São Paulo (84%) – Alagoas (79%) – Rio de Janeiro (62%) – Paraiba (56%) – Federal District (54%) – Rondonia (51%) – Paraná (48%) – Pernambuco (47%) – Bahia (45%) – Mato Grosso do Sul (44%)

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german travel guide to brazil

Paraiba to be featured in German Travel Guide

Journalist Nicolas Stockmann, the DuMont German publisher is in João Pessoa this week sourcing out the content for the next issue of the European tour guide.

The result of his research will be published in a German Travel Guide to Brazil and will provide information on the State Capital’s hotels, hostels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, travel agencies, tours, national parks, amongst others.

Stockmanns arrival into João Pessoa is the result of an invitation from Paraibana Tourism Company (PBTur) in partnership with Abrasel-PB and the hotel Verdegreen.

The publication is distributed in the German-speaking markets (Germany and Switzerland), one of the largest emitters of tourists to Brazil. In January 2014, two of these guides won the renowned ITB Book Award 2014 and the ITB Berlin, the largest and most important international tourism fair.

For the president of the Tourism Company Paraibana (PBTur), Ruth Avelino, disclosure of the ‘Destination Paraíba’ abroad has been of great importance to heat the tourist market of the state. She recalls that in 2012, the PBTur supported the coming of the German journalist with the proposal to disclose the ‘Destination Paraiba’ in Europe on the occasion of the World Cup 2014. “That year, we worked hard to promote our destination because we knew that the World Cup matches would be held in Recife and Natal, very close to the capital João Pessoa. I think it was a good bet, “she said.

Source: Governo Da Paraiba 

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Regional Impact Projects

Paraíba receives award for best”Regional Impact Projects”

The State Government (through the State Company of Paraíba Popular Housing CEHAP), will receive the Merit Seal Award 2015 in early July for the Solar Energy Photovoltaic projects and Madura City projects in the categories “Regional Impact Projects” and “Projects Focused on Customer Specific Groups”. The state of Paraíba competed with more than 20 registered projects from all regions of Brazil.

This is the third time Paraíba has received an award.

The event was sponsored by the Brazilian Association of Cohabs and Housing Public Official and the National Forum of Housing and Urban Development Secretaries. The aim was to promote, encourage and disseminate the relevant projects of the states and municipalities within the social housing sector.

The award ceremony and exhibition of the winning projects will take place in the city of Campinas – SP, from June 30 to July 2, during the 62nd National Forum on Social Housing.. The event will be attended by the Minister of Cities, Gilberto Kassab, representatives of Caixa Econômica Federal, universities, public bodies and private and civil society.

The projects were judged by a committee formed by representatives of the Ministry of Cities, Federal Savings Bank, Bank of Brazil, the Brazilian Industry Chamber of Construction (CBIC) and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Brasilia (UNB).

The award this year will also include 10 projects that stand out and are examples that can be replicated in other states.

Solar Energy – The use of photovoltaic solar energy began as a pilot project by Cehap, which implemented this in public housing in the Mangabeira neighbourhood of João Pessoa. Families that took part managed up to 70% reduction in average power consumption.

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Joao Pessoa Convention Centre

25 events to be hosted at Joao Pessoa Convention Centre

The International Convention Centre in Joao Pessoa is set to host several events in 2015 with a confirmed total of 25 associative events in the next 3 years.

The biggest confirmed event is the ‘Brazilian Tips Congress Nursing Regional’ which will be attended by an excess of 8000 delegates from across the country. Another highlighted event will be the ‘Internet Governance Forum’ holding the presence of government executives from 120 countries.

From 2013 to 2014 there was a 15% increase in held events at the Joao Pessoa Convention Centre with highly successful events such as the RoboCup in June last year bringing 4000 visitors to Joao Pessoa from various countries.

“The impact on the local economy means a circulation of more than R$70 million, a generation of jobs and economic, social and tourism development” celebrated the Convention Centre manager, Ferdinand Lucena.

According to Lucena, the next four years will bring 95,000 tourists to Joao Pessoa and will inject a capital of £95 million into the economy. “This flow of Congress will bring numerous benefits to the supply chain in the metropolitan area, good business for the hotel industry, the food industry, trade and the state…” he said.

The partially completed structure comprises of fares and exhibition halls, a congress centre, gazebo and panoramic restaurant across 48,676 m². The conference centre has administrative blocks on three floors, multipurpose rooms and an auditorium with a capacity for over 2300 people. Altogether there are eight auditoriums adapted as public events.

The observatory has a height equivalent to that of a 17 storey building (57m) providing broad views of the coastline and areas of the city and the buildings three parking lots accommodate more than 1000 vehicles.

The final stage of completion for the Convention Centre is set for the end of 2015

Source Governo Da Paraiba

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Invest in Paraiba

12 Reasons to Invest in Paraiba – Part 1

Following the success of our 5 part blog  20 Reasons to Invest in Brazil and after genuine positive feedback we have decided to provide our readers with ‘12 Reasons to Invest in the North East state of Paraiba‘ which will be spread over the next 3 issues.

Paraiba is a coastal state named after the river of the same name. Apart from a popular tourist destination it is also an important epicentre for industry and is acclaimed for its beautiful beaches, pleasant climate and cultural and geographical diversity. Paraíba occupies a total area of 56,584 square kilometres or 21,847 square miles and is home to approximately 3.9 million people although this number is growing year on year. Joao Pessoa is its capital city and the home of many of its most popular attractions and activities.

Portuguese settlers founded Filipéia de Nossa Senhora das Neves (which is now known as João Pessoa). When it was discovered that this region yielded extremely fertile sugar plantations, different European entities of France, Portugal and Holland Netherlands began to fight over it. The Dutch powers became a substantial threat to Portugal, who managed to retain supremacy in the country.

In addition to the sugar-cane that is so amply available in Paraíba, it was discovered as late as in 1989 that the area is also particularly rich in tourmaline crystals, which displays a gorgeous neon turquoise.

But if that’s not enough to get you interested, here is part 1 of our 3 part blog Reasons to Invest in Paraiba starting with our favourite 4.

1. The service sector remains Paraíba’s most important in terms of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) contribution. This is followed by industry and agriculture. Its main agricultural products include corn, sugarcane, pineapples, beans and beef. Paraíba exports cotton, footwear, sugar, alcohol, seafood and sisal. Another very important contributor in terms of the economy and growing rapidly is tourism.

2. Brazil is friendly to foreign investors and nowhere more so than Paraiba. Don’t forget that although industry is a growing factor, Paraiba is still seen as a major holiday destination not only for Brazilians but for the growing international visitor. Property buyers from abroad are protected with the same rights as Brazilians and have full legal protection.

3. The year round sunshine means you can easily rent out property in Paraiba to tourists any time you’re not there. Many foreigners live in their properties for half the year and rent them out when they’re away, creating a valuable income source.

4. Massive private and state investment in the north east of Brazil has resulted not just in a thoroughly developed infrastructure of roads and public transport in Paraiba but also in healthcare and education services. Couple this with new leisure facilities including U.S style shopping malls and you have all the ingredients for a modern tropical paradise. Tourism is up with the number of people buying second homes or holiday retreats soaring. The state of Paraiba is seen as a market leader.

Look out for part 2 of our 12 Reasons to Invest in Paraiba which will be published next month.

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Tap Airline flights to Joao pessoa

TAP Portugal adds direct flights to Joao Pessoa

This week, Air Portugal Transportation (TAP) added flights to Joao pessoa and Campina  Grande to its list of destinations in a bid to increase traffic from Portugal to the Brazilian North East state of Paraiba.

TAP, whose European flight path includes London to Lisbon and Lisbon to Brazil, signed a codeshare partnership agreement with Gol who now serve passengers from Europe on direct connections to the Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport in Joao Pessoa and John Suassuna Airport in Campina Grande.

The state government and Paraiba Tourism company – PBTur have strongly promoted the new partnership with Gol and TAP recently quoting “Our actions, such as the disclosure of Paraiban routes served by the Portuguese company and promoted visits by operators and journalists in the state, have had a positive effect, with increased demand for Portuguese tourists to Paraíba”.

TAP marketing board will meet in Singapore next week with the president of PTBur, Ruth Avenilo to further strengthen the partnership. Ruth says “It is time to intensify the promotion of Destinations to Paraíba in Portugal, since we have information that sales for the state have registered an increase.” She also said that during the meeting, issues with in-flight magazine advertisements for the airline and the format of fampress with Portuguese journalists will be discussed.

Source Paraiba JA 

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Exhibition Multifeira

Exhibition Multifeira Mostra comes to Joao Pessoa

As the largest event of its kind in the north and northeast Brazil, the Exhibition Multifeira held in João Pessoa saw 120,000 people pass through its doors. Although these exhibitions have been running for the last 19 years one of the major goals for 2014 was to get more quality at the events, so this year the focus and efforts have been made on two major capital cities, João Pessoa and Natal.

João Pessoa’s International Convention Centre was chosen as the venue, not only for its modern, sleek and iconic design but also for its ability to accommodate a large number of exhibitors attracting a huge audience with ample parking and facilities. Considered by exhibitors and consumers as one of the major events for sales and marketing, it also attracts artists from all over Brazil to showcase their talents.

One of the main characteristics of Brasil Mostra Brasil is the variety of products and low price, which attracts the attention of consumers. Moreover, it is tradition that artists from all over Brazil are presented at the fair, in order to guarantee enjoyment for visitors. Beside these factors the fair still chooses charities to make donations every year.

The Multifeira benefits from the support of the institutions of class, corporate, commercial, industrial as well as municipal and state governments

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Joao Pessoa: where 91% of visitors intend to return to

A massive 91% of tourists who visited the capital of Paraiba from August to October last year intend to return in the future as pointed out by a Satisfaction and Tourist Demand survey conducted by Sethur-JP, in partnership with the Union of Guides Tourism of Paraíba.

The data was released by Joao Pessoa’s Secretary of Tourism, Paulo Galvao during a seminar meeting in the Verdegreen Hotel who announced that 91% of the 204 tourist participants intend to return to Joao Pessoa in the near future with 96.5% recommending the destination to a friend.

The result looked at positive factors and took on suggestions such as improving the infrastructure of the city, increasing tourist signs and providing more information helpful to visitors.

Most visitors that participated in the survey were from the Southeast of the country (42%), in particular São Paulo (17%), Rio de Janeiro (14%) and Ontario (11%). 23% of participants were from the Northeast with greater flow from Pernambuco (8%) and Rio Grande do Norte (4%). The South of the country contributed to 16%, highlighting the gauchos (7%), Paraná (6%) and Santa Catarina (6%) with the Midwest accounted for 10% and the North only 5%. Six foreign tourists were surveyed; three from Germany, two from France and one from Argentina.

The data was captured at two stations: the Tourist Information Sethur at the Science Station Cape Blanco and the Church of San Francisco in the Historic Centre of the capital. The Secretary of Tourism of João Pessoa, Bruno Farias, stated that all research of tourism demand is important for designing new actions based on hard data. He said “Tourism is a science, and so it should be treated”, noting that the route of economic development through tourism activities should be crafted with professionalism, with a “professional look”. He then went on to say “The contents should order the management to further enhance the policy of tourism development of the city”.

President of the Union of Guides, Genilton Elves, said the research in this category was always in demand because, from a tourist’s point of view, the category may start charging the public managers of the demands identified in the survey. In his opinion, it is essential to have this information so that there is a discussion on a tourism policy with concrete data.

Our Pueblo Do Mar and Tambaba Country Club Resort developments both situated in Joao Pessoa encourage tourists to visit the city as a growing holiday destination which encompasses some of Brazils most beautiful beaches.

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