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Up Magazine Paraiba

Paraíba features in the October issue of UP Magazine

Portugal owned major airline TAP has featured Paraíba in the October issue of its in-flight UP magazine, which circulates in 67 countries across Europe, Africa and South America.

“Paraíba- Brazil Splendid” is the translation of the cover story title which features over 8 pages covering everything from the history and culture of the Capital of Brejo, the beauty of the North and South coast, the technological strength of Campina Grande to the São João do Mundo and the mysteries of the Cariri.

Portuguese journalist Maria João Veloso describes Paraíbas landscapes as “breath-taking” with real scenarios that have served a setting to several Brazilian feature films.

Coastal Lush – The article highlights how the capital city Joao Pessoa is the starting point for state wealth and comments on the tours in Picãozinho and Areia Vermelha as well as on the beaches of Conde with its cliffs, rock pools and Atlantic forest.

Architecture – Joao Pessoa’s architectural wealth and history are also highlighted focusing on the Old Town and in particular, the Cultural Centre of Sao Francisco. It quotes “They say it has the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture in Brazil and, in fact, the energy of the place makes us float like Baroque angels.”

The article also mentions the colourful art deco houses of Antenor Navarro Square (whose namesake church ruins are a recommended visit) and describes the iconic buildings in the vicinity such as the Government Palace, Legislation Assembly and the Tea Pavilion.

Brejo – The area of Brejo is mentioned with its green landscapes in a fertile land which is cultivated mainly for sugar cane, but also cassava and banana. It describes the attractions of the mountain region as cachaça mills and events such as the Cultural Route of the Cold paths quoting:

“Now, feeling cold in Brazil is almost an exotic feeling! At this time, the towns of Bananeiras, Areia, Serraria, Pilões, Alagoa Nova e Alagoa Grande provide various cultural events focusing on gastronomy, handicrafts, ecotourism and sports. But the region must be visited at any time of year. The mills of the rum houses, past the waterfalls and walking paths, this is a trip back in time to savour slowly. It is the destination where the visitor finds by one of the nicest tourist and historical options of all Paraíba”

For the state president of Tourism, Ruth Avelino, media coverage made by TAP flight magazine is the work developed by the State Government through the PBTur and had the support of Paraíba trade. “After four years of fighting, we have managed to be covered in the in-flight TAP magazine, one of the most important airlines in the world, operating in 67 countries with over one million readers,” said the executive, to the UP magazine team during her thank-you speech.

Source Paraíba.gov.br and Up Magazine 


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Regional Impact Projects

Paraíba receives award for best”Regional Impact Projects”

The State Government (through the State Company of Paraíba Popular Housing CEHAP), will receive the Merit Seal Award 2015 in early July for the Solar Energy Photovoltaic projects and Madura City projects in the categories “Regional Impact Projects” and “Projects Focused on Customer Specific Groups”. The state of Paraíba competed with more than 20 registered projects from all regions of Brazil.

This is the third time Paraíba has received an award.

The event was sponsored by the Brazilian Association of Cohabs and Housing Public Official and the National Forum of Housing and Urban Development Secretaries. The aim was to promote, encourage and disseminate the relevant projects of the states and municipalities within the social housing sector.

The award ceremony and exhibition of the winning projects will take place in the city of Campinas – SP, from June 30 to July 2, during the 62nd National Forum on Social Housing.. The event will be attended by the Minister of Cities, Gilberto Kassab, representatives of Caixa Econômica Federal, universities, public bodies and private and civil society.

The projects were judged by a committee formed by representatives of the Ministry of Cities, Federal Savings Bank, Bank of Brazil, the Brazilian Industry Chamber of Construction (CBIC) and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Brasilia (UNB).

The award this year will also include 10 projects that stand out and are examples that can be replicated in other states.

Solar Energy – The use of photovoltaic solar energy began as a pilot project by Cehap, which implemented this in public housing in the Mangabeira neighbourhood of João Pessoa. Families that took part managed up to 70% reduction in average power consumption.

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