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Invest in Paraiba

12 Reasons to Invest in Paraiba – Part 1

Following the success of our 5 part blog  20 Reasons to Invest in Brazil and after genuine positive feedback we have decided to provide our readers with ‘12 Reasons to Invest in the North East state of Paraiba‘ which will be spread over the next 3 issues.

Paraiba is a coastal state named after the river of the same name. Apart from a popular tourist destination it is also an important epicentre for industry and is acclaimed for its beautiful beaches, pleasant climate and cultural and geographical diversity. Paraíba occupies a total area of 56,584 square kilometres or 21,847 square miles and is home to approximately 3.9 million people although this number is growing year on year. Joao Pessoa is its capital city and the home of many of its most popular attractions and activities.

Portuguese settlers founded Filipéia de Nossa Senhora das Neves (which is now known as João Pessoa). When it was discovered that this region yielded extremely fertile sugar plantations, different European entities of France, Portugal and Holland Netherlands began to fight over it. The Dutch powers became a substantial threat to Portugal, who managed to retain supremacy in the country.

In addition to the sugar-cane that is so amply available in Paraíba, it was discovered as late as in 1989 that the area is also particularly rich in tourmaline crystals, which displays a gorgeous neon turquoise.

But if that’s not enough to get you interested, here is part 1 of our 3 part blog Reasons to Invest in Paraiba starting with our favourite 4.

1. The service sector remains Paraíba’s most important in terms of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) contribution. This is followed by industry and agriculture. Its main agricultural products include corn, sugarcane, pineapples, beans and beef. Paraíba exports cotton, footwear, sugar, alcohol, seafood and sisal. Another very important contributor in terms of the economy and growing rapidly is tourism.

2. Brazil is friendly to foreign investors and nowhere more so than Paraiba. Don’t forget that although industry is a growing factor, Paraiba is still seen as a major holiday destination not only for Brazilians but for the growing international visitor. Property buyers from abroad are protected with the same rights as Brazilians and have full legal protection.

3. The year round sunshine means you can easily rent out property in Paraiba to tourists any time you’re not there. Many foreigners live in their properties for half the year and rent them out when they’re away, creating a valuable income source.

4. Massive private and state investment in the north east of Brazil has resulted not just in a thoroughly developed infrastructure of roads and public transport in Paraiba but also in healthcare and education services. Couple this with new leisure facilities including U.S style shopping malls and you have all the ingredients for a modern tropical paradise. Tourism is up with the number of people buying second homes or holiday retreats soaring. The state of Paraiba is seen as a market leader.

Look out for part 2 of our 12 Reasons to Invest in Paraiba which will be published next month.

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20 Reasons to Invest in Brazil – Part 2

Providing our readers with Part 2 of our 5 part Blog on ’20 reasons to invest in Brazil’…

Click here to view 20 Reasons to Invest – Part 1

5) An overwhelming demand for housing – Within Brazil’s big cities, house prices have soared as salaries have grown and mortgages have become easier to obtain. Although many anticipated a general slowing, demand continues especially in the north east where many areas are being transformed to cater for the increasing tourist trade. Prices nationally rose by 12.7% in 2013 (Fipezap house price index) with the north east again expected to be higher due to new developments and a general shortage of affordable property.

6) The Brazilian Real 20 years on – Introduced to Brazil on 1st July 1994, the Brazilian currency, the Real, replaced the Cruzeiro which suffered from rampant inflation over a 30 year period. Since the Real launch, the currency has seen more stability giving confidence to international investors. As part of the BRICS economy, current Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff has been working hard to achieve the central banks inflation rate target of 4.5%. The north east has favoured much better as inflation was under 5 per cent in the 12 months to April 2014 compared with a national average of 6.4 per cent.

7) Hotel Demand on the Increase – With the massive amount of investments being channelled in to the north east region of Brazil, hotel chains are now cashing in. Ibis (part of the Accor hotels group) together with Best Western International who have over 4,000 hotels worldwide, are now firmly established in Brazil. According to data by real estate consultancy firm Jones Lang LaSalle, the number of hotels rated above two stars with online booking services are expected to rise more than 70% over the next decade. By the end of last year, Brazil had 313,833 hotel rooms registered, according to tourism ministry data. Fresh capital should also help BHG, Brazil’s only listed Hotel Company, who aim to increase the number of available suites by 50% at the end of 2015 from the current 8,539.(Reuters)

8) Brazil Welcomes Foreign Investment – Unlike some countries from around the world Brazil has been opening its doors to foreign investment for some time now. Because of its strict import taxes, companies from outside Brazil are reaping huge rewards since relocating their businesses to Brazil. In turn Brazil is also benefiting from foreign investment with over $180 billion coming into Latin America in 2013. Foreign companies interested in investing in Brazil count on numerous tax incentives granted by the Brazilian government on the municipal, state and federal level. Most incentives are granted upon the submission of a project comprising the minimum invested value, addressing job creation and other relevant matters. (Source Apex Brazil)

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A Big Brazil Celebration – Brasil Brasileiro

You’d be hard pressed to argue that Claudio Segovia’s energising stage show – Brasil Brasileiro in Sadler wells did not contribute to Brazil being declared the most happiest place on earth.

The production  -which displays raw energy and pulsating beats defining the spiritual power of samba – brings together in excess of 38 artists to include musicians, singers and dancers and have all been recruited from the favela’s as opposed to Brazilian dance schools. The evolution of this wide-eyed enthusiasm is choreographed to make it hard to resist to get up and join them on stage with critics reviewing the performance as ‘one hell of a Brazil celebration’.

As the completely sold-out show poured out of the theatre (including celebrities Sir Ben KingsleyEmma Rigby and Zoe Wanamaker), elated faces proved it was a night to be remembered. Be prepared to get out of your seat and shake about — it’s time to enjoy life as the Brasilians do!

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