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Joao Pessoa

Why Paraíba – North East Brazil – is still attracting Investors

April 14 2015

Following the success of our 5 part blog  20 Reasons to Invest in Brazil and after genuine positive feedback we have decided to provide our readers with ‘12 Reasons to Invest in the North East state of Paraíba‘.

Paraiba is a coastal state named after the river of the same name. Apart from a popular tourist destination it is also an important epicentre for industry and is acclaimed for its beautiful beaches, pleasant climate and cultural and geographical diversity. Paraíba occupies a total area of 56,584 square kilometres or 21,847 square miles and is home to approximately 3.9 million people although this number is growing year on year. Joao Pessoa is its capital city and the home of many of its most popular attractions and activities.

Portuguese settlers founded Filipéia de Nossa Senhora das Neves (which is now known as João Pessoa). When it was discovered that this region yielded extremely fertile sugar plantations, different European entities of France, Portugal and Holland Netherlands began to fight over it. The Dutch powers became a substantial threat to Portugal, who managed to retain supremacy in the country.

In addition to the sugar-cane that is so amply available in Paraíba, it was discovered as late as in 1989 that the area is also particularly rich in tourmaline crystals, which displays a gorgeous neon turquoise.

But if that’s not enough to get you interested, here is part 1 of our 3 part blog Reasons to Invest in Paraiba starting with our favourite 4.

1. The service sector remains Paraíba’s most important in terms of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) contribution. This is followed by industry and agriculture. Its main agricultural products include corn, sugarcane, pineapples, beans and beef. Paraíba exports cotton, footwear, sugar, alcohol, seafood and sisal. Another very important contributor in terms of the economy and growing rapidly is tourism.

2. Brazil is friendly to foreign investors and nowhere more so than Paraiba. Don’t forget that although industry is a growing factor, Paraiba is still seen as a major holiday destination not only for Brazilians but for the growing international visitor. Property buyers from abroad are protected with the same rights as Brazilians and have full legal protection.

3. The year round sunshine means you can easily rent out property in Paraiba to tourists any time you’re not there. Many foreigners live in their properties for half the year and rent them out when they’re away, creating a valuable income source.

4. Massive private and state investment in the north east of Brazil has resulted not just in a thoroughly developed infrastructure of roads and public transport in Paraiba but also in healthcare and education services. Couple this with new leisure facilities including U.S style shopping malls and you have all the ingredients for a modern tropical paradise. Tourism is up with the number of people buying second homes or holiday retreats soaring. The state of Paraiba is seen as a market leader.

5.The only international airport in the state of Paraíba is the Castro Pinto International Airport located in the municipality of Bayeux, eight kilometres from downtown João Pessoa. As well as connecting flight to all the major cities in Brazil, international carriers are starting to operate direct flights. Although extensive works have been carried out to cope with demand it is reported that because of capacity it may be replaced with a new international airport. One site that has been considered is a vast amount of flatland close to the new international convention centre just south of João Pessoa.

6. The following tourist attractions are “must-sees” in beautiful Paraíba:

– Casa da Pólvora – a historical museum

– Cultural Centre in João Pessoa – complete with an astronomical observatory, library and art exhibitions

– Golden Chapel (Capela Dourada)

– Museum of Sacred Art

– Nossa Senhora do Carmo

– The beautiful park of Parque Sólon de Lucena

– Baía da Traição – a military museum

– The many gorgeous beaches

– The Itapuá Sugar Mill

– Pedra do Ingá – an area of breath-taking natural beauty. The Ingá Stone (Pedra do Ingá in Portuguese) is located in the middle of the Ingá River near the small city of Ingá 96 km from João Pessoa. The Ingá Stone is also called Itacoatiara do Ingá. The rock formation covers an area of approximately 250 m². Altogether primary, a vertical wall 46 meters long by 3.8 meters high, and adjacent areas, there are entries whose meanings are unknown. In this set are carved in low relief, several figures, suggest that the representation of animals, fruits, and human constellations like Orion and Milky Way.

Composed of some basalt stones it’s covered with symbols and glyphs undecipherable until now. Scholars think it was created by natives that lived in the area until the 18th century.

7. The cost of living in Brazil is still amazingly low when compared to other international property hotspots. Shopping and dining out are very affordable and Paraiba is considered one of the cheapest places to live in Brazil although João Pessoa and its close surrounding are now showing a rapid increase in property prices. An abundance of fruit, vegetables and fresh seafood means grocery shopping costs a fraction of what you would normally pay.

8. Brazil is still an emerging market with plenty of opportunities at every level making it a really good destination for property speculators, developers as well as individual investors. Paraíba is seen by many professional investors as a bargain due to the low prices when compared to other areas such as Rio de Janerio where prices have soared and in some cases peaked. With growth now coming to Paraíba and especially the capital João Pessoa it won’t be long before prices start to increase at a rapid rate confirming that those who chose to invest in the early part of this cycle will likely to see the most returns

9. The people are friendly, the weather perfect and the beaches world class. The whole state has a vibrancy that never fails to enchant first time visitors, in fact, many of the people who are not Brazilian nationals who now own property in Paraiba never had that intention before their visit. Nature, music and modern city living combine perfectly to create a wonderful place to live.

10. With so much economic uncertainty , the thought of buying real estate overseas may seem like a distant dream, but with interest in north east Brazil continuing and a booming international market that shows no sign of slowing up, there’ll never be a better time to invest in property in Paraiba.

11. Tambaba Country Club Resort – Covering an area of 150 hectares, Tambaba Country Club Resort is unique in its size and design. Set in beautiful coastal hills Tambaba is only a short distance from some of the most picturesque beaches in the region. With a range of facilities including a magnificent 2,500m² aquatic feature with 8 separate but connecting pools, Tambaba not only offers the opportunity for a wonderful lifestyle but also benefiting from being a short distance from the growing and vibrant city of João Pessoa with its wonderful nightlife.

12. Pueblo Do Mar  With affordable housing in short supply, Pueblo Do Mar designed as a housing development is ideally positioned to take full advantage of the growth and new employment in and around the area of João Pessoa together with being close to new Mangabeira shopping complex. With Brazilians now more likely to purchase rather than renting Pueblo Do Mar offers the perfect solution.

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