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Brazil is now the world’s 7th largest economy, rising from 67th little more than a decade ago.

As a result, Brazil has had the fastest growing economic middle class of any country. As one of the BRICS future powerhouse global economies, this has resulted in more wealth than at any time in the country’s history with Brazil being the financial heart beat of Latin America. Throughout the turmoil in the world markets, Brazil has also maintained very low sovereign debt levels keeping the economy healthy and continuing to rise.


GDP growth since 2008
UK -4%
USA +10.7%
Brazil +41.6%
[source; Worldbank and OECD 2013]

The wealth and growth of Brazil has been driven from its position as one of the largest commodities and natural resource producers. With some of the largest oil discoveries in recent years (now a top 10 global oil producer), the largest provider of food and commodities and the largest renewable energy producer, Brazil has built sustainable growth through providing what the world needs. As 4th largest car manufacturer , a leader in pharmaceutical and textiles, private commercial aircraft manufacturing and shortly to host the 2016 Olympic Games increasing the demand for leisure and tourism, it becomes clear that Brazil has a huge amount to offer for investors. North east Brazil is also home to Fiat who are building their largest vehicle manufacturing plant. This will also have an affect on the area creating new jobs as well as the  need for new housing which currently is in short supply.

Brazil has recently committed almost $1 Trillion USD to infrastructure development to support its growth. Including roads, bridges, ports, airports, utilities, energy production, etc and has posted some of the most comprehensive infrastructure development in recent history of any nation. Through these types of investments Brazil is creating  housing, reducing poverty as well as increasing education and health programmes. This has increased demand throughout the population even further and created significant opportunities for international investors.

Brazil makes progress on citizen portal

Gov.br is live with hundreds of digitized services.  Brazil’s citizen portal is live with hundreds of digitized services – and the government is pushing towards a December 2020 deadline to integrate all of its sites onto the new platform....

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