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Capital Growth InvestmentsNorth East Brazil

Brazil offers the perfect opportunity for capital growth investments in property and real estate. With a high demand rapidly growing economy, increasing national and personal wealth, dramatically expanding finance and mortgage market as well as the fastest growing middle income class sector in the world, these create exceptional conditions for fast capital growth built on solid foundations within property and real estate.

Land and residential property offers the strongest platforms for capital growth investments. Invest in Brazil develop land, property and real estate that offers a conservative forecast of 12% – 15% pa capital growth within a typical 3-5 year period at current market conditions. Many of our previous clients have already experienced capital growth well in excess of this.

It is our ability in selecting the correct locations as well as offering the best local economic conditions for growth, minimising client risk, simple and secure business models, award winning international development team, direct local market on-the-ground expertise, consistent delivery and our reach and depth into the local market that makes Invest in Brazil one of the most highly trusted and recognised partners of choice for investing for capital growth in property in Brazil.

Current Capital Growth Investments

Tambaba Country Club Resort Villas | From R$ 540,000 BRL | Significant equity increase expected upon build completion of property.
Tambaba Country Club Resort Land (Residential) | From only R$ 78,750 BRL | 12% – 15% forecast capital growth in 3 -5 years
Tambaba Country Club Resort Land (Commercial) | POA |
Tambaba Country Club Resort Commercial Property | POA |
Pueblo Do Mar Land | From only R$ 32,900 BRL | 12% – 15% Forecast capital growth 3-5 years
Pueblo Do Mar Land (Commercial Sectors) | From R$ 492,975 BRL | 20% + pa Forecast capital growth 3-5 years

Brazil makes progress on citizen portal

Gov.br is live with hundreds of digitized services.  Brazil’s citizen portal is live with hundreds of digitized services – and the government is pushing towards a December 2020 deadline to integrate all of its sites onto the new platform....

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