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Freehold Property

Purchasing property in Brazil is booming due to the increase in demand and a growing housing deficit. As such, demand for residential property and rentals is constantly increasing. Further fuelled by one of the fastest growing mortgage markets, Brazilians are now able to lever their own assets and finance purchases of larger homes in better locations.

Property within private residences and condominiums etc is in high demand locally with significant premiums paid by local purchasers for completed properties within finished projects. Invest in Brazil present only the best property opportunities which includes secured construction and completion, full freehold and registered title, projects where completion of the surrounding infrastructure is guaranteed as well as structured and proven local market exit pathways and only in locations with strong growth credentials.

The opportunities to purchase in residential property in Brazil is structured and delivered to best practice standards for international development and our expert team are on call to offer advise and support. We offer a full suite of support services from legal, property management and rental, through to exit sales post completion.

Current residential Properties
Tambaba Country Club Resort

3 Bedroom
List Price – R$ 540,000.00  BRL

3 Bedroom
List Price – R$ 575,000.00 BRL

4 Bedroom
List Price – R$ 640,000.00 BRL

5 Bedroom
List Price – R$ 1.150,000 BRL

Villa prices shown above exclude freehold land plots. Land plots vary in size from 450m2 – 6,100m2. Prices are dependent on land plot chosen.The purchase price/staged payments will be paid in Brazilian Reais using the exchange rate at the time of payment.

(All luxury villas will be sold in Brazilian Reais and images are for illustration purposes only)

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