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With Brazil offering such significant economic growth and opportunity, it is becoming more appealing to relocate permanently. As such it is vital you understand the process, timeframes, laws and requirements for residency status eligibility. With the right support this can be a smooth process and Invest in Brazil can provide you with the right partners and guidance to support your successful application.

Our connections with legal, local banks, accountancy firms, as well as specific structures for inward investment that qualify for residency status being granted are invaluable to those of you wishing to live permanently in Brazil.

The easiest route to permanent residency is via a retirement or family visa. We would suggest having strong legal support in order to make your application successful and we can provide you with contact details of a legal representative skilled in this area.

A Permanent Residence Visa may be granted to foreign citizens who pay a minimum of R$ 150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand Brazilian Reais) in an existing business (or start-up) in Brazil. This is upon approval of the applicant’s direct request to the Ministry of Labour and Employment, or one of its regional offices in Brazil. There are ways that you can tie your payment into a business through a property purchase, however, you will need to take the right legal advice for this which we can support you with. The residency visa is typically valid for 5 years and after 2 years you can be eligible to apply for full permanent residency (VIPER).

Brazil makes progress on citizen portal

Gov.br is live with hundreds of digitized services.  Brazil’s citizen portal is live with hundreds of digitized services – and the government is pushing towards a December 2020 deadline to integrate all of its sites onto the new platform....

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