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Sales & marketing

Invest in Brazil are recognised as one of the industry’s leading sales and marketing partners for Brazilian property. With international teams and associated sales operations directly in Brazil, our knowledge and expertise on Brazilian property, values and sales is second to none. With marketing design, an international and domestic sales team and strong market position Invest in Brazil are able to launch your product successfully to market.

Brazilian Market Sales
Our Brazil sales partners are based in Joao Pessoa and are a CRECI registered Brazil master estate agent. Responsible for 600+ sales on their own developments presently into the Brazil domestic market, they also have approval to arrange bank financing for Brazilian nationals with Caixa and Bradesco banks and soon to be approved for arranging products for Santander, Itau and HSBC. As a master agent, they manage an expanding number of sub agents for a larger Brazilian geographical sales footprint and reach in key cities through Brazil such as Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Recife and Rio De Janeiro.

International Sales
Invest in Brazil – Multi award-winning UK and Italian based international master agent responsible for 300+ sales on projects to international buyers with a diverse international network of sales agents in UK, Italy, USA and presently expanding sales network into Asia and Europe including Portugal, Scandinavia and Spain. We are recognised for our branding, market positioning, sales management and delivery through the international buyer community.

Brazil makes progress on citizen portal

Gov.br is live with hundreds of digitized services.  Brazil’s citizen portal is live with hundreds of digitized services – and the government is pushing towards a December 2020 deadline to integrate all of its sites onto the new platform....

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